About   the Designer


Meet Navideh

Navideh grew up in Esfehan, Iran - into an artistic family where her love for beauty, nature, and creativity flourished from an early age. After living in Spain for a few years, Navideh made a new home in Miami, FL, one of the world's most tropical and lush cities. 
Her unique eye sees the incredible beauty in the most simple forms of nature, and she possesses an ability to bring that vision to life. Navideh finds happiness and bliss when lost and immersed in the world of florals and design. 

Her joy in working with her clients to create a unique and tailored experience each time sets her apart from the rest. From start to finish, the experience with Navideh is filled with love, passion, and the appreciation and respect for nature and it's many beauties.  

What clients say

“She is different. The experience is different. The arrangement exceeded all expectations, art in its most natural form.”


"Navideh was so helpful. I was only able to provide very little direction, however she turned my vision and dream into a reality. I loved working with her and am so grateful to have made the relationship."


"The biggest difference I noticed in working with Navideh was her unique creativity and attention to detail. The finished product is noticeably a level above the rest. Made with love." 


"Give yourself the gift of Navideh. She has become my go-to floral designer for every occasion. I am constantly amazed by her talent and love seeing what she comes up with next!"