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The Monthly Arrangement Plan

Our Monthly Arrangement Plan is for those clients who wish to receive a beautiful signature By Navideh floral arrangement each month.

We design and create each month's arrangement based on the freshest and most in season florals available.

This designer's choice plan highlights convenience and is a lower cost alternative to the Weekly Arrangement Plan.

Cost: $280 per month

The Orchid Plan

Our special Orchid Membership Plan is for clients who love Orchids and the idea of always having a fresh Orchid in their home, office, or any space they wish.

Under this plan, clients will receive a beautiful and fresh Orchid arrangement every month (12 new Orchid replacements in each annual cycle).


Clients will receive complimentary maintenance treatment to their current Orchid during the two month window to ensure a healthy and lively looking plant at all times.

This plan ensures you get to enjoy the beauty and luxury of a fresh Orchid plant year-round.

Cost: $35 per month

The Weekly Arrangement Plan

Our Weekly Arrangement Plan is our most exciting curated way to enjoy a fresh and stunning By Navideh floral arrangement.

Each week, clients will receive a new fresh floral arrangement, using the season's best and highest quality products.

This plan is best for those willing to spend a little more to ensure no week goes by without the beauty of a fresh By Navideh arrangement.

Cost: $85 per week

For all inquires, please reach out via phone or email:

305.528.3329 or

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